Guide to Reviewers

General policies

A general peer-review policy for PJCVI is available here.

Online manuscript review

We strongly encourage referees to submit their comments via our online submission system.

Criteria for Publication

The experiments performed and statistical analyses should comply with the technical standards of the journal and must be explained clearly, and sufficient details must be provided.

Review Process

On submission, the editorial staff of, Pakistan Journal of Cardiovascular Interventions thoroughly monitor the manuscripts. If the editorial criteria are met, it is then sent for formal review. Those papers that are inadequate or inappropriate are rejected quickly without external review or sent back to the author for revision. Manuscripts that qualify are then sent to potential reviewers. The editors then make a decision on the following possibilities:

  • Accept, with or without editorial revisions.
  • Accept, but indicate to the authors that further work might justify a resubmission.
  • Reject, typically on the grounds of significant technical and/or interpretational problems.

Selecting Peer-Reviewers

Reviewers are the key in this process. The whole decision of the editorial board depends on the reviewer’s report. The selection of the reviewer not only depends on the relevance of the article to the expertise of the reviewer but also the reputation and past experience of the Pakistan Journal of Cardiovascular Intervention with the respective reviewer.

Duties of Reviewers


Peer review assists the editorial board in making editorial decisions and also helps the authors in improving the manuscript.


If a referee feels that he cannot do justice to a particular manuscript that has been assigned to him for review or he/she is unable to provide a quick review, he should inform the editor and excuse himself from the review process.


The reviewers must maintain the confidentiality of the manuscript. As per policy, it should not be discussed or shown to anybody other than people authorized by editor in chief.

Standards of Objectivity

Accurate reviews should be done, and personal criticism of the author is not entertained at any level. Moreover, Supporting arguments should be presented by the reviewers.

Acknowledgment of Sources

Reviewers should inform the editor immediately if he finds any resemblance between manuscripts that are being reviewed and any other published paper of which they have any idea.

Acknowledgment of the Reviewers

A printed copy of the journal (particular issue) comprises the names of reviewers selected for the Review Board. No monetary benefits are offered to the reviewers.  It is not possible to put the names of reviewers on our website.

Pakistan Journal of Cardiovascular Intervention follows a policy of blind review.

If you are an associated staff member submitting an article, it will not impact the review process and the editorial board's decisions.  

Become a Reviewer

Pakistan Journal of Cardiovascular Intervention is open to adding new peer reviewers. If you are willing to volunteer as a reviewer, please register online to be added to our database. Create an account with keywords specific to your field of interest to show up in our database search with respect to that specific area.