Patient Consent

Confidentiality must be maintained throughout the manuscript, and the patient's identity must not be disclosed. The patient identity must be fully anonymized, i.e. the data must be rendered in such a manner that not even the patient could identify the details.  

Children or Patients with Inabilities

Parents' or guardians' consent forms are mandatory for children under 18 years of age or patients who lack the mental /physical ability to comprehend the aim of the publication. It is crucial to ensure whether the subject is comfortable with the publication or not.

Case Images

For images like X-rays, ultrasound, pathological slides, multimedia files or the images of organs/parts of the body are exempted from consent for publication. The consent is only necessary if presented parts are identifiable images or details.    

Image Anonymization

Images with hidden or blurred eyes are not prioritized as it may be a breach of conduct or encounter to publish the data without the consent of the patient.  Ensure that images are cropped appropriately and presenting the required or specific clinical features.

Consent Form

Authors are requested to obtain signed consent from the concerned patient confirming the use as per the consent form for the Pakistan Journal of Cardiovascular Intervention.