Editors Information Guide

The editorial board of the Pakistan Journal of Cardiovascular Intervention makes sure the scientific accuracy of the manuscripts in the process for publication.

Selection Criteria

Publisher (Pakistan society of interventional cardiology) officially invites or recruits the Advisory board for the period of 2 years (extendable) and Editor in Chief for the period of 5 years (extendable). The Editorial Board members (Managing, associate and technical editors) are then recruited by Editor in Chief and Advisory board members for the period of 2 years as per their competence, specialized research expertise (or specialties), skills, and Prior experience in scientific publishing.

Responsibilities of the Journal Editors

The aim of this guide is to aid journal editorial board members, handling editors, and anyone who wants to gain an insight into the everyday tasks of a journal editor.

Editor In Chief

The editor in chief is primarily in charge of recommending and assisting the recruitment of the Editorial Board and managing the editors of all sections. The final authority regarding the approval of what gets published in the journal remains with the editor in chief.

The editor in chief ensures that the peer review system is practiced effectively and successfully eliminates any possible errors and guarantees information of the journal is scientifically valid. Furthermore, the editor in chief has the authority to recruit, promote, and also terminate any team member.

Managing Editor

The specific duties of a Managing Editor are: Setting, empowering and tracking the progress of goals/targets. Managing Editor has a say in matters relating to the publication of the journal like the print, online layout quality and distribution.

Associate Editors

Associate Editors determine the publishing quality of the journals. Their role pertains to the internal quality assurance procedures of each manuscript submitted to the journal. Associate Editors are accountable for critically reviewing the manuscripts in a manner that ensures a degree of both scientific objectivity and technicalities. They are also in charge of making any adjustments to the final layout of each manuscript.

Advisory Board

The editorial advisory board is not engaged in editorial decisions as they are responsible for promoting and representing the journal at conferences/meetings. They are responsible for reviewing submitted manuscripts at the editor's request and assist the editor’s in decision making. The advisory board supervises the established journal’s editorial policies and scope.

Technical Editor

As subordinates, Technical Editors work under the management of the journal. The technical editor holds the overall duty of practicing professional integrity throughout the review procedure. All official documentation related to the journal is maintained by Technical Editors.

Publisher Management Member (Elected)

Act as a primary contact point from the publisher's end (society). Responsible for the strategy and overall success of the journal. Arrange editorial meetings and arrange journal finances.