Editorial Criteria & Processes

Editorial Criteria & Processes

The editorial process includes 3 stages, At Submission, After Submission, and After Acceptance / Rejection.  

At Submission

Criteria for publication

The manuscript must be submitted through the online submission system

Pakistan Journal of Cardiovascular Intervention encourages the use of simple language with no grammatical errors. We expect that regardless of the manuscript type, the content submitted to the Pakistan Journal of Cardiovascular Intervention has not been published elsewhere.

Who decides which papers to publish?

Quality check is done by the editorial staff of all the manuscripts submitted. Selection for the publication of manuscripts is made by editors and not referees.  The articles that the editors select are then sent to the experts for blind peer review. However, the decision is taken in view of the response from the reviewers.

How to submit a manuscript in the Pakistan Journal of Cardiovascular Intervention?

Authors must follow the instructions mentioned in the formatting guide for manuscript submission and revisions. The submission of the manuscript should be in Microsoft Word.  online submission system should be used for submitting the manuscripts.  Authors should submit the manuscript with the cover letter. The information in the cover letter remains confidential as it is not shared with referees. Thus, it provides an excellent chance for the authors to mention the details regarding conflicts of interests or declare work details that are under the press or submitted elsewhere.

After submission

What happens to a submitted manuscript?

The editor takes the manuscript for scrutiny and takes help from scientific advisors for the initial check. In case of in-approval from the editorial board, it is returned back to the author for revision. The editor chooses referees who are then assigned to the manuscript. Mostly, papers are sent to two or three referees, but some manuscripts are sent to more reviewers.

Referees' reports

The prime responsibility of the referee is to submit the referee report within the issued dates. The Referee reports identify the technical and scientific errors in the manuscript.

Conflicts of Interest

The manuscript undergoes the blind peer-review process; the reviewer may be involved in some other competing work that may result in biased opinions regarding the specific manuscript. Therefore, referees should declare conflicts of interest that might influence their opinion regarding the manuscript. Referees are requested to check Guidelines for Reviewers before agreeing to review a manuscript.


The online system regulates the manuscripts submitted to the Pakistan Journal of Cardiovascular Intervention. The editors make decisions regarding the submitted work immediately. Authors will receive the response within a month for their respective manuscripts.

After Acceptance / Rejection

    • Manuscripts submitted to the Pakistan Journal of Cardiovascular Intervention undergo at least two rounds of review.
    • On the basis of the editorial report and referee's report, the decision regarding acceptance or rejection of the submitted manuscript is then conveyed to the author.
    • Authors are asked to make changes according to the refereeā€™s or editors' demand. Authors are recommended to follow the instructions in the manuscript preparation & formatting guide for each revised submission.
    • Once the revised manuscript is resubmitted, and changes are approved by the editors, the manuscript proceeds for publication. The manuscript is subedited (copyedited) to ensure maximum clarity and reach, a process that enhances the value of papers in various ways. Rechecking is done by the associate editors. They make sure that the manuscript is written clearly and all the tables and figures fit perfectly in their spaces.
    • Authors subsequently receive a copy proof (PDF) of the layout by the managing editor before publication. It is recommended that corresponding authors circulate the copy proofs between co-authors. The corresponding author, on behalf of all co-authors, is accountable for the content submitted. The accuracy of the content, sequence of authorship list and their current affiliation must be rechecked by the corresponding author before final submission.
    • The editors hold no responsibility for the changes that are not reported at the time of copyediting.  
    • When the author approves the article, proofs are steered between the production staff of the Pakistan Journal of Cardiovascular Intervention.
    • The authors are strongly advised not to resubmit a revision for rejected manuscript and are allowed to proceed with their manuscript elsewhere.
    • Only if the authors feel that they have a strong scientific case for reconsideration (if the referees have missed the point of the paper), they can make an appeal in writing. These appeals must be relevant to the manuscript content. However, manuscripts cannot be submitted elsewhere while an appeal is being considered. The unclear and in general appeals that may contain arguments only and nothing relevant to the content will remain unsuccessful.


A valuable appeal may lead to reconsideration but, the Pakistan Journal of Cardiovascular Intervention does not place appeals to high priority.